Our Classes - Adapted Conditioning

AdaptFit Flex


The ability to offer adapted conditioning training, stems from our academic and professional expertise as well as actual experience addressing a range of physical conditions from severe or mild myoskeletal disorders to weight loss and fat burning for medical reasons.

What is Adapted Conditioning?

Adapted Conditioning is the expert trainer’s ability to adapt training so that it addresses specific disorders, through a custom-made training program. The most frequent range of problems addressed through adapted conditioning include neck and lower back pain, spinal cord disorders and other more severe forms of myoskeletal conditions. In addition to athletes, our clients include persons with severe myoskeletal conditions referred to us for muscle strengthening and specific conditioning by their physicians/surgeons as well as persons of all ages intending to improve their overall physical condition. What differentiates us from our few competitors, is our academic expertise, combined with years of hands-on experience improving some of the most challenging myoskeletal conditions.
We offer group sessions of adapted conditioning daily while we incorporate adapted conditioning in all our personal training sessions.